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An Anarchist

An Anarchist - story

Joseph Conrad

That year I spent the best two months of the dry season on one of the estates – in fact, on the principal cattle estate of a famous meat-extract manufacturing company. B.O.S bos. You have seen the three magic letters…

The Enigmatic Crime of the Signals Private

The Enigmatic Crime of the Signals Private - story

Ali Badr

Gentlemen, my name is Jamal Ahmad. I work as a signals private in Forward Reconnaissance Unit 312, engaging the American enemy in the south.   I confess in your presence, and I am of sound…

The Detainee’s Tale as told to Ali Smith

The Detainee’s Tale as told to Ali Smith - story

Ali Smith

The first thing that happens, you tell me, is that school stops. We are meeting in a room in a London university so that you can tell me, in anodyne safe surroundings, a bit about…

The Last Thing We Need

The Last Thing We Need - story

Claire Vaye Watkins

July 28 Duane Moser 1077 Pincay Drive Henderson, Nevada 89015 Dear Mr Moser On the afternoon of June 25 while on my last outing to Rhyolite, I was driving down Cane Springs Road some ten…

An Article of Faith

An Article of Faith - story

Juan Villoro

When we board a plane, we tend to smile without really knowing why. The prospect of tempting fate makes us superstitious: we don’t smile out of joy but to ward off adversity. These were my…


Clara - story

Roberto Bolaño

She had big breasts, slim legs and blue eyes. That’s how I like to remember her. I don’t know why I fell madly in love with her, but I did, and for a start, I…

The Foreman’s Wife

The Foreman’s Wife - story

Selva Almada

Sitting on each side of the double bed, Jana Rietter and I watch over the wounded man. The yellow light from the kerosene lamp gives the room a ghostly atmosphere. Despite the large open windows,…