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A Weevil

A Weevil - story

Khalil Nasif

Ever since I was a child, I dreamt of learning to play the guitar. With time, this passion turned into a weevil, a gluttonous one that nested in my brain, grew up as I grew…

Broca’s Area

Broca’s Area - story

Mohamed Hassan AL-Nahat

In front of me, I put a ream of white paper, a copper inkwell and a feather I snatched from my neighbour’s duck. I lit a candle and stuck it in the middle of the…


Kite - story

Youssef Rzouga

    I.   On his way home from school, Munir bumped into his friend Nabil. Nabil was holding the long line attached to his paper kite and happily running with the wind. Nabil said…

Taqsim Hyena

Taqsim Hyena - story

Nir Soffer-Dudek

The day I moved from the city to the country my dog returned his spirit to the God who gave it. I do not know whether it was the shock of the move or just…

Insurrection – A chapter from “The Gorilla”

Insurrection – A chapter from “The Gorilla” - story

Kamal Riahi

About one o’clock in the afternoon. The wind is busy rolling along some beer-can that has been drained of its contents in the deserted street. A massive silence links the arch of the Sea Gate…

The Seventh Floor

The Seventh Floor - story

Mohammed Salah Rajeh

You wanted me a slave bought and sold You wanted me in despair joyless.   ***   The distance between one floor and another was months and years. Sometimes the lift was crowded. Sometimes it…

The Opportunity

The Opportunity - story

Iftach Alony

He played his role well. He showed no sign that he knew what was going on behind his back. He could be truly satisfied with himself. And when Bennet and Yossi Cohen told him why…

The Beretta Always Wins (A chapter from a novel)

The Beretta Always Wins (A chapter from a novel) - story

Kamal Riahi

The smell was stuck in my nose and wouldn’t go. Whenever I drew air into my lungs, the smell took over, and all the torture I went through that night came rushing back. Before emailing…