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Dear John

Dear John - story

Sarah Gerkensmeyer

When my husband first announced that he was leaving me, there were no packed bags. No studio apartment had already been leased on the other, seedier side of town. There were no missing photo albums…

We Were Fishing For Rockets

We Were Fishing For Rockets - story

Karen Köhler

1 You pressed your Nazi grandfather’s signet ring into my hand and asked me to throw it in the sea or some other body of water. Because you couldn’t. And I said: I’m not doing…


Gethsemane - story

Ralf Rothmann

…and found her sleeping with sadness. The first words in the morning, the underlined phrase in the book with a ribbon marker, a present from Marie, and the sun rises behind the chestnut trees of…


Motherdeath - story

Michael Lentz

Mother disappeared on the twentieth of August nineteen ninety-eight at around eleven fifty at night. At around eight thirty in the morning of the twenty-first of August nineteen ninety-eight, Father called and informed me: ‘Mother…

An Almost Sky Blue Hand

An Almost Sky Blue Hand - story

Rhea Galanaki

In memory of Frieda Liappa   I dreamt that it was evening –and it was. I could hear nearby the bells from a flock, scattered here and there. The flock moved onwards, hidden behind the…

The Garden

The Garden - story

Luis Negrón

Sharon took advantage of the fact that we were washing the dishes to tell me she had been thinking about the day when Willie, my lover, would no longer be with us. “I can’t stop…


Clara - story

Roberto Bolaño

She had big breasts, slim legs and blue eyes. That’s how I like to remember her. I don’t know why I fell madly in love with her, but I did, and for a start, I…


Ishmael - story

Shimon Adaf

Lacking any alternative image, we turn to the moment of creation. The form bursting from the awkwardness of matter. No, not the awkwardness, the indifference towards being. This time, I am ready; this time, I’ve…

Outside the Door

Outside the Door - story

Clemens Meyer

I I go out in the yard with the dog. Just after two in the morning and the night’s very warm; the summer’s come back again this August after a long cool and rainy stretch….

Safe Passage

Safe Passage - story

Ramona Ausubel

THE GRANDMOTHERS — dozens of them — find themselves at sea. They do not know how they got there. It seems to be after­noon, the glare from the sun keeps them squinting. They wander carefully,…