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After Arbor Day

After Arbor Day - story

Ruth Almog

At the beginning of winter my father fell ill and took to his bed. He lay in bed for a long time with his bedroom door closed, and we would walk around the house on…

Nora, daughter of Marcus Beag

Nora, daughter of Marcus Beag - story

Pádraic Ó Conaire

I You never saw such surprise as that of the people of Ros Dha Loch when they heard that Nora, daughter of Marcus Beag, was to go to England. A sister of hers was already…

At Livia’s Bar

At Livia’s Bar - story

Pierre J. Mejlak

This time she’s building a city. The first city after eleven islands in a row, now gathered together in the soft red folder which, when her father goes out for a coffee in the evenings and she finds…

The Last Time

The Last Time - story

Tamar Gelbetz

The Scouts Camp When I was in 6thgrade I went on a Scouts camp. Near Kibbutz Ginegar. In the Jezreel Valley. Three day camp. With a smoky smell in my hair and potatoes and canned…

The Winter Garden

The Winter Garden - story

Dorthe Nors

It was the night Dirch Passer the comedian died. He col­lapsed onstage. His heart was sick and he was taken away by ambulance to the hospital, where they said he was dead on arrival. It…

Six Ways to Jump off a Bridge

Six Ways to Jump off a Bridge - story

Brian Leung

Understand Blue Falls, how it got its name, how in dry years, in autumn, water slips over a flat edge, sheer and perfect, a wide liquid sheet reflecting a clear day—blue as an unraveling bolt…

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