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Chocolate - story

Manju Kapur

Tara was fat. Her husband made it clear that it didn’t do his image any good to have her waddling around, jiggling rolls of flesh. “I don’t waddle,” she said, hurt. “You do,” said Abhay…

A Woman in a Space

A Woman in a Space - story

Tehila Hakimi

A woman is workspace when will someone love you? Have you ever stayed seated in your chair until lunchtime, you drink lots of water- your body took the shape of a chair. A woman in…


Liling - story

Kelly Cherry

During the early years of the Ming Dynasty, one young woman in particular was praised for her beauty. Of course there were other beauties, but wherever Liling went, admirers clapped, as if she were on…

My Sister – ‘My Flash Story’ contest– tenth place

My Sister – ‘My Flash Story’ contest– tenth place - story

Hilary Sigismondi

I peered out the passenger seat window of my mother’s car. She shifted from second to third gear. “You want to be committed; I’ll commit you!” she spewed while the car lurched forward. My sister…

Medusa Wore Red or Testing the Waters – ‘My Flash Story’ contest- seventh place

Medusa Wore Red or Testing the Waters – ‘My Flash Story’ contest- seventh place - story

Stephanie Lewis

“This song’s about you.” He leaned against the slick mahogany bar, watching a jazz trio perform Lady in Red. She glided past him and stood a few feet away, so as not to appear that…

Tertullian’s Law – Third Place

Tertullian’s Law – Third Place - story

Tia Levings

Maggie is an expectant mother in a state that grants personhood at conception and protects the child’s rights over those of their mother.   The world changed when I wasn’t looking. That’s what it felt…

Red Enters the Eye

Red Enters the Eye - story

Jane Rogers

Before she went to Nigeria Julie bought twelve pairs of sharp dressmaking scissors. Good equipment showed respect. And buying things made it easier not to panic. She was afraid the women would resent her swanning…

What You Looking at?

What You Looking at? - story

Tamar Merin

The light has turned green and my son shows no sign that he wants to cross the street. He won’t budge from the traffic island, his eyes squinting against the lashing sun, his hands on…

Mermaid in the Jar

Mermaid in the Jar - story

Sheila Heti

I have a mermaid in a jar that Quilty bought me at a garage sale for twenty-five cents. The mermaid’s all, “I hate you I hate you I hate you,” but she’s in a jar,…

Freezing Water

Freezing Water - story

Vera Giaconi

She’d spent the entire morning in the kitchen finishing the three cakes that had been ordered for that afternoon. Behind her, the TV replayed the images from the attack, the same ones over and over…