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Everyone’s Favourite Blonde

Everyone’s Favourite Blonde - story

Fernanda Melchor

“Evangelina Segunda, you have the beauty of Artemis: Venus herself fiercely envies the innocence of your smile” Sunday Magazine, Issue 54, El Dictamen (13 February, 1983) The centre of Veracruz is full of ghosts, my…

The Real Cambodia

The Real Cambodia - story

Laura Jean McKay

I always wanted a girl. There were places, shops almost, where you could get a girl at any time of the day and they even remembered your name. But I wanted a girl that I…

The Snow Traveller

The Snow Traveller - story

Ayfer Tunç

Day had broken long ago. The mountains on whose peaks black clouds settled sparkled under a cold blue as though reporting that the pause given during the night by the snow that had snowed thus…

The Woman Who Wouldn’t

The Woman Who Wouldn’t - story

Jorge Ibargüengoitia

I must be discreet. I don’t want to get her into trouble. I’ll call her… I have a photograph of her in my desk along with a few photographs of other people as well as…


Dune - story

Dorit Peleg

Paul Nimoro was Japanese. He was many things; but above all, he was Japanese and he valued the qualities he knew he had inherited‒ precision, self-discipline and along with them, perhaps less visible but still…