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Nam - story

María Fernanda Ampuero

She’s getting naked. Something either very bad or very good is happening. Happening to me. Whatever it is, my parents can’t find out. I’m at a friend’s house. Nothing strange there. But my new friend,…

Invisible Mending

Invisible Mending - story

Ruth Almog

In the geography lesson the teacher, Mr. Levy, was talking about the Yarkon, and for this reason Hefzibah locked herself in the Girls’ Room during the morning recess. At the beginning of the lesson, the…

The Tree of Knowledge

The Tree of Knowledge - story

Henry James

I It was one of the secret opinions, such as we all have, of Peter Brench that his main success in life would have consisted in his never having committed himself about the work, as it…

The Great Illusion at Klingenreiter Lumber Sawmill and Woodworking Import Export

The Great Illusion at Klingenreiter Lumber Sawmill and Woodworking Import Export - story

Saša Stanišić

When Ferdinand Klingenreiter asked the audience, dear friends and family, boys and girls, to be quiet for his great illusion, some laughed; most went on talking. The Stadelmann girls interrupted their squealing chase and turned…

It’s Me

It’s Me - story

Kristina Schilke

The Sankt Johannesweide Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic encompasses spacious grounds. Patients have access to this Lower Bavarian gem among mental institutions from seven in the morning until six in the evening, five days a week. For…

Two Friends

Two Friends - story

Guy de Maupassant

Besieged Paris was in the throes of famine. Even the sparrows on the roofs and the rats in the sewers were growing scarce. People were eating anything they could get. As Monsieur Morissot, watchmaker by…

About the Wedding

About the Wedding - story

Eloy Tizón

For Isa and Germán   She was going to get married, she said. And then she started to laugh. She’d decided to drop out of university halfway through the year, weren’t expecting that, were we?…

The A Line

The A Line - story

Miryam Sivan

Earlier, the pipe from the water tower on the roof burst and water began to fall. Now we’re sitting around my dining table in the living room, drinking Champale and eating humus on melba toast….

True Friendship

True Friendship - story

Jorge F. Hernández

Para D.G.E. “You may still think true friendship is a lie. But then, you’ve never met Bill Burton,” was a phrase often repeated by Samuel Weinstein. Indeed, you could consider it his motto. He would…


Twice - story

Bella Shaier

When you look at things from outside, everything seems like a sort of colorful jigsaw. A mosaic of price stickers covers the products in the supermarket: the oldest are white, the two-week-old ones are yellow,…