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Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment

Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment - story

Nathaniel Hawthorne

That very singular man old Dr. Heidegger once invited four venerable friends to meet him in his study. There were three white-bearded gentlemen—Mr. Medbourne, Colonel Killigrew and Mr. Gascoigne—and a withered gentlewoman whose name was…

The Secret

The Secret - story

Alejandra Laurencich

The door of the bus opened. From her seat, Elena watched the passengers climb in. “Where does he think all those people are going to go?” she asked her daughter, who was sitting next to…

Genetic Material

Genetic Material - story

Christos Tsiolkas

I say, ‘Hi, dad, how are you doing?’ His eyes snap in my direction, there is a sudden jerk of his body as he recoils from my voice, then he slumps back in his chair….

The Pajamas

The Pajamas - story

David Albahari

The years have taken their toll: I wake up at night more often, and then, bereft of sleep, I go to the bathroom, perch on the bathtub, and stare at my reflection in the mirror….

Retirement Home for War Heroes, Warsaw

Retirement Home for War Heroes, Warsaw - story

Itamar Orlev

I’m standing in front of the gate leading into the yard of the retirement home. I was standing there two hours ago but I didn’t go in. I found a café on a nearby street…

The Northeast Kingdom

The Northeast Kingdom - story

Nathaniel Rich

He had always believed that his immortality would take the form of the Aerojet. The two-stage, solid-fuel boost rocket had been, in its time, one of the crowning achievements of human technology — the first apparatus…