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And The Sea Is Not Full

And The Sea Is Not Full - story

Edna Shemesh

 “I have not yet begun to fight!” John Paul Jones    1 The road descends all the way to the sea, as though the whole world was a huge basin where everything drove, sailed, glided…

Waltz on East 6th Street

Waltz on East 6th Street - story

Tehila Lieberman

I Years ago, Aunt Renata squeezed a picture into my hand when my mother wasn’t looking. Aunt Renata wasn’t really my aunt, but rather someone to whom my mother had clung like a sister, like…

The Waldstein Sonata

The Waldstein Sonata - story

Hartmut Lange

Franz Liszt died on the 31st of July in the year 1886; he could not recall the finer details. Now, however, he found himself, in full possession of his senses and mental faculties, walking purposefully along…

The Polish Boxer

The Polish Boxer - story

Eduardo Halfon

69752. That he had it tattooed there, on his left forearm, so he wouldn’t forget it. That’s what my grandfather told me. And that’s what I grew up believing. In the 1970s, telephone numbers in…

Another Love Story

Another Love Story - story

Uzi Weil

  1. A month before Independence Day, 2048 The Chief Scientist of the Weizmann Institute took a deep breath and turned on the secret switch on the back of the Hitler. The Hitler blinked. And…

Double Grave

Double Grave - story

Barbara Honigmann

We stood with Gerschom Scholem at the grave of his parents and brothers in the Jewish Cemetery in Berlin-Weißensee. It was cold – it was December. Gerschom Scholem and Fania, his wife, were wearing light…


Kasos - story

Nicolás Mavrakis

This wasn’t a pair of women’s shoes with perfectly formed heels dug out from the back of a wardrobe. Or a box containing letters from the war written lovingly to an eleven-year-old boy. Discoveries like…

Saragossa in Berlin

Saragossa in Berlin - story

Iftach Alony

Boaz called out to Chicko: “I saw those in the Golan, waiting for hot air to come so they can fly, be birds.” He was stretched out on the couch, watching a TV show about…

Gabriella (from Liebchen)

Gabriella (from Liebchen) - story

Yossi Waxman

Also, I’m crazy about him and I don’t care what the neighbors say. I’ll even wear a leather skirt slit up to here if he wants. And with no underwear either. Nu, I’m a crazy…

The Chinese

The Chinese - story

Uri Orlev

The day the Chinese army invaded, my brother moved in with us. He came straight after they had laid down their arms and surrendered Jerusalem. It was only a formal act of surrender as our…