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The Nightmare (a chapter from a novel)

The Nightmare (a chapter from a novel) - story

Abdalhadi Alijla

I grew up suddenly like a tree. Once I had a dream when I was five years old. This dream visited me again. I slept for ten minutes that night. It was hard. The medicine…


Glory - story

Lesley Nneka Arimah

When Glory’s parents christened her Glorybetogod Ngozi Akunyili, they did not foresee Facebook’s “real name” policy, nor the weeks she would spend populating forms and submitting copies of her bills and driver’s license and the…

The River Warta

The River Warta - story

Amy Gustine

Now that Caroline lived alone for the first time in her life, she began to be irritated by the cleanliness of her house. When she left something somewhere, it stayed there. If she didn’t enter…

Wars in Distant Lands

Wars in Distant Lands - story

Najem Wali

When I pulled Teresa’s postcard from the mailbox it was three in the afternoon. I didn’t read it at first, just glanced at it quickly as I stepped into the house, the card still clutched…

Goldene Medene

Goldene Medene - story

Amy Gustine

Dr. Spencer looked up from his misery to the long, winding lines— dark eyes, brown clothes, the occasional red and yellow native costume—and each day before this and after seemed a wretched sameness to him,…

It Will All Be Over by Next Rosh Hashanah

It Will All Be Over by Next Rosh Hashanah - story

Vered Singer

An old woman cleans my house. She sends the money she earns to her children and grandchildren – maybe her great-grandchildren too. They all live in a nice house in some evergreen part of Europe,…

My Istanbul

My Istanbul - story

Emine Sevgi Özdamar

A Turkish philosopher from Istanbul once visited me in Berlin. He was only there for a few days. He looked at the street and said quietly, ‘I don’t think I could live here.’ Not the…

Why Are We Going Back to Watan?

Why Are We Going Back to Watan? - story

Andreas Stichmann

Why can’t we try Mike or Robert or Knosi? Because the guys say that Mike and Robert and Knosi are busy today and that we’ve no other choice, so up we go again, back up…