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Sloth - story

Eva Menasse

Fritz had met ‘that Hilda woman’ in a bar called Paradise Now – sheer chance, really. He never usually went to places like that. For years he had been rotating among three or four pubs…


Boredom - story

Sylvain Tesson

 In periods of boredom, time turns its back on existence and we stand outside ourselves. (CIORAN, Entretiens) It was a forced entry of light. The waves of hostile winter sun spilled over the linoleum. And…

Enlightenment Before a Fall

Enlightenment Before a Fall - story

Robert Menasse

When I was lobbing cobble stones at policemen on that September 11th, I would never have dreamed that someday I would become a policeman myself. It was September 11, 1973. I don’t know how I…