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The Extra

The Extra - story

Anatoly Kuznetsov

1 Ilya Ilych was injured. It happened in the evening, in the third act. Dressed in braided crimson livery, white stockings and shoes with buckles, Ilya Ilych was to go out on stage to hand…


Outrage - story

Álvaro Enrigue

 Why do I want a life without honor if I already bet everything I had? A. Esparza Oteo A highway can be like the high seas. The sun burning on your face, the fresh cleansing…

The Death of a Kangaroo

The Death of a Kangaroo - story

Juan Pablo Roncone

1. Claudio puts the rolled up tent and the sleeping bags in the rear of my truck. It’s a beautiful day: the sun and a gentle sea breeze augur a pleasant journey. Amparo, my girlfriend,…