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The Girl Goes to Calabria

The Girl Goes to Calabria - story

Giuseppe Berto

While he was waiting for his gas tank to be filled at one of the many stations found at the beginning of the Cassia road, on the way out of Florence, attorney Adami kept looking…

Rustic Chivalry

Rustic Chivalry - story

Giovanni Carmelo Verga

Turiddu Macca, the son of mistress Nunzia, when he came home from being a soldier, every afternoon strutted about the piazza with his bersagliere uniform and his red cap, that looked like a fortune-teller’s when…

Rosso Malpello

Rosso Malpello - story

Giovanni Carmelo Verga

They called him Malpelo, which means ‘evil-haired,’ because he had red hair: and he had red hair because he was a bad, malicious boy, with every promise of growing up into a first-rate rascal. And so…