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Hylas - story

Eric Stenbock

I was intending to paint a picture of David as the Shepherd, but nowhere could I find a suit­able model for the face; there were several white and ruddy,’ but none which had on them the…

Gorillas in the Congo

Gorillas in the Congo - story

Alejandra Costamagna

Romina had been staring at him, that was true. She had been staring at him from the other checkout line at the supermarket. And, finally, she’d said to him, “Nice to see you.” Then she…


Half-Measures - story

Ángel Zapata

I was pretty worn out that night, but to me the red mark on Concha’s shoulder looked like a hickey and I said so. “This, you mean?” she asked, pointing to the mark without taking…

Welcome, Bob

Welcome, Bob - story

Juan Carlos Onetti

One thing is certain: that every day he will be older, further away from the time when he used to be called Bob, with his fair hair hanging over one of his temples, his smile…

The Foreman’s Wife

The Foreman’s Wife - story

Selva Almada

Sitting on each side of the double bed, Jana Rietter and I watch over the wounded man. The yellow light from the kerosene lamp gives the room a ghostly atmosphere. Despite the large open windows,…

The Death of a Kangaroo

The Death of a Kangaroo - story

Juan Pablo Roncone

1. Claudio puts the rolled up tent and the sleeping bags in the rear of my truck. It’s a beautiful day: the sun and a gentle sea breeze augur a pleasant journey. Amparo, my girlfriend,…

Gottfried Heinrich’s Dream

Gottfried Heinrich’s Dream - story

Jaume Cabré

It is music: it has come from a heart. J.S.B. At four in the afternoon the old man sat up in bed and said Kaspar, son, where are you? B flat, A, D flat, B,…