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Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Bear

Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Bear - story

Joel Chandler Harris

“ wuz one season” said Uncle Remus, pulling thoughtfully at his whiskers, “w’en Brer Fox say to hisse’f dat he speck he better whirl in en plant a goober-patch, en in dem days, mon, hit wuz…

Isis – The Story of The Goddess of Magic and Sorcery in Egyptian Mythology

Isis – The Story of The Goddess of Magic and Sorcery in Egyptian Mythology - story

Shoham Smith

The Goddess Isis was almost as strong as her grandfather the Sun God, the most powerful of all the gods in the universe. His name was Ra, but he had a few other names as…

See You at the Pole

See You at the Pole - story

Nurit Zarchi

“Sir, I have something for you.” Mr. Zoom stopped walking and looked around. Cars whizzed by, people strode past, but a deliveryman reached out and handed Mr. Zoom a package. “Why me? “said Mr. Zoom…

The Tales of Hoomit

The Tales of Hoomit - story

S. Yizhar

Who is Hoomit? What happened to her, and how did it all come to be? Here, listen. Every Friday, Zeevi and Father used to walk to the train station. And once, while they were on…

A Story About the Little Rabbits

A Story About the Little Rabbits - story

Joel Chandler Harris

“FINE um whar you will en w’en you may,” remarked Uncle Remus with emphasis, “good chilluns allers gits tuck keer on. Dar wuz Brer Rabbit’s chilluns; dey minded der daddy en mammy fum day’s een’ ter…

Fortunatus Rex and co

Fortunatus Rex and co - story

Edith Nesbit

There was once a lady who found herself in middle life with but a slight income. Knowing herself to be insufficiently educated to be able to practise any other trade or calling, she of course…

The Book of Beasts

The Book of Beasts - story

Edith Nesbit

He happened to be building a Palace when the news came, and he left all the bricks kicking about the floor for Nurse to clear up–but then the news was rather remarkable news. You see,…

The Deliverers of Their Country

The Deliverers of Their Country - story

Edith Nesbit

It all began with Effie’s getting something in her eye. It hurt very much indeed, and it felt something like a red-hot spark – only it seemed to have legs as well, and wings like…

The Boys

The Boys - story

Anton Chekhov

“Volodia is here!” cried some one in the courtyard. “Voloditchka is here!” shrieked Natalia, rushing into the dining-room. The whole family ran to the window, for they had been expecting their Volodia for hours. At…

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