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Kite - story

Youssef Rzouga

    I.   On his way home from school, Munir bumped into his friend Nabil. Nabil was holding the long line attached to his paper kite and happily running with the wind. Nabil said…

Little Black Fish

Little Black Fish - story

Samad Behrangi

It was the longest night of winter. At the bottom of the sea, an old fish gathered together 12,000 of her children and grandchildren and began to tell them this story: Once upon a time…

Raggedy Ann Learns a Lesson

Raggedy Ann Learns a Lesson - story

Johnny Gruelle

One day the dolls were left all to themselves. Their little mistress had placed them all around the room and told them to be nice children while she was away. And there they sat and…

The Capture of Father Time

The Capture of Father Time - story

L. Frank Baum

Jim was the son of a cowboy, and lived on the broad plains of Arizona. His father had trained him to lasso a bronco or a young bull with perfect accuracy, and had Jim possessed…

A Story About the Little Rabbits

A Story About the Little Rabbits - story

Joel Chandler Harris

“FINE um whar you will en w’en you may,” remarked Uncle Remus with emphasis, “good chilluns allers gits tuck keer on. Dar wuz Brer Rabbit’s chilluns; dey minded der daddy en mammy fum day’s een’ ter…