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Invisible Mending

Invisible Mending - story

Ruth Almog

In the geography lesson the teacher, Mr. Levy, was talking about the Yarkon, and for this reason Hefzibah locked herself in the Girls’ Room during the morning recess. At the beginning of the lesson, the…

We Were Fishing For Rockets

We Were Fishing For Rockets - story

Karen Köhler

1 You pressed your Nazi grandfather’s signet ring into my hand and asked me to throw it in the sea or some other body of water. Because you couldn’t. And I said: I’m not doing…


Gethsemane - story

Ralf Rothmann

…and found her sleeping with sadness. The first words in the morning, the underlined phrase in the book with a ribbon marker, a present from Marie, and the sun rises behind the chestnut trees of…


Misery - story

Anton Chekhov

“To whom shall I tell my grief?” The twilight of evening. Big flakes of wet snow are whirling lazily about the street lamps, which have just been lighted, and lying in a thin soft layer…

An Almost Sky Blue Hand

An Almost Sky Blue Hand - story

Rhea Galanaki

In memory of Frieda Liappa   I dreamt that it was evening –and it was. I could hear nearby the bells from a flock, scattered here and there. The flock moved onwards, hidden behind the…

The Garden

The Garden - story

Luis Negrón

Sharon took advantage of the fact that we were washing the dishes to tell me she had been thinking about the day when Willie, my lover, would no longer be with us. “I can’t stop…