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The Picture Horse

The Picture Horse - story

Pu Sung-ling

A certain Mr. Ts’ui, of Lin-ch’ing, was too poor to keep his garden walls in repair, and used often to find a strange horse lying down on the grass inside. It was a black horse…

Lucerne Tunnel

Lucerne Tunnel - story

Khalil Nasif

  When Suzanne came back from Switzerland, she’d left three-quarters of her body weight behind.  That wasn’t her only loss, however, or the most significant. And I don’t think she’d object if I told you…

Back to The Land

Back to The Land - story

Laia Jufresa

We only learned about the curse three months after Mom had sold our apartment, bought this land, and unceremoniously upped and moved us here. The Land came with a rudimentary house, mature trees that plied…

The Little Angel’s Exhumation

The Little Angel’s Exhumation - story

Mariana Enríquez

My grandma didn’t like the rain, and when the sky darkened before the first few drops started to fall, she would take bottles to the backyard and half bury them in the earth, the bottlenecks…

The Lookout

The Lookout - story

Alejandra Zina

He brought him home unexpectedly one night. They’d happened to cross paths at the Carlos Pellegrini station; like in the movies, the two were coming from opposite directions and they bumped into each other. Fate….

Wild Honey

Wild Honey - story

Horacio Quiroga

I have two cousins who live to the east of Salto, Uruguay. They’re grown men now, but when they were twelve years old, after enthusiastic readings of Jules Verne, they decided to embark upon the…