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Sunflowers - story

Michal Yaara Carmi

I can’t recall when I first started scribbling those little notes I later stashed in various hiding places around the apartment. It sure as hell could not have been a lot earlier, because at the…

R.A. Looks for his Eyes

R.A. Looks for his Eyes - story

Sheikha Hussein Helawy

(From Letters to the Editor) We chose this letter amongst hundreds of letters that the newspaper receives. The reader preferred to sign his letter with R.A.; he asked for it to be published in the…

Will Somebody Please Shut the Gate

Will Somebody Please Shut the Gate - story

Mira Magen

A few months before Mother’s madness was officially announced, though there were hints that something out of the ordinary was happening, and our daily routine suffered small blows, life went on and the days were…

The Spirit of Madame de Genlis (A Spiritualistic Occurrence)

The Spirit of Madame de Genlis (A Spiritualistic Occurrence) - story

Nikolai Leskov

“It is sometimes much easier to call up a spirit than to get rid of it.” – A. B. CALMET I The strange adventure I intend to tell took place several years ago, and can now…

I Stand Here Ironing

I Stand Here Ironing - story

Tillie Olsen

I stand here ironing, and what you asked me moves tormented back and forth with the iron. “I wish you would manage the time to come in and talk with me about your daughter. I’m…

Back to The Land

Back to The Land - story

Laia Jufresa

We only learned about the curse three months after Mom had sold our apartment, bought this land, and unceremoniously upped and moved us here. The Land came with a rudimentary house, mature trees that plied…

Freezing Water

Freezing Water - story

Vera Giaconi

She’d spent the entire morning in the kitchen finishing the three cakes that had been ordered for that afternoon. Behind her, the TV replayed the images from the attack, the same ones over and over…

Richard Nixon, My Mother

Richard Nixon, My Mother - story

Tahel Frosh

The heart, had it been able to think, would stop beating, I thought as I entered that dark club. People leaning against the walls, people being dragged down to the light only to resume their…

How to Talk to Your Mother (notes)

How to Talk to Your Mother (notes) - story

Lorrie Moore

1982. Without her, for years now, murmur at the defrosting refrigerator, “What?” “Huh?” “Shush now,” as it creaks, aches, groans until the final ice block drops from the ceiling of the freezer like something vanquished. Dream,…