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A Weevil

A Weevil - story

Khalil Nasif

Ever since I was a child, I dreamt of learning to play the guitar. With time, this passion turned into a weevil, a gluttonous one that nested in my brain, grew up as I grew…

The Waldstein Sonata

The Waldstein Sonata - story

Hartmut Lange

Franz Liszt died on the 31st of July in the year 1886; he could not recall the finer details. Now, however, he found himself, in full possession of his senses and mental faculties, walking purposefully along…

Some Terpsichore

Some Terpsichore - story

Elizabeth McCracken

    1. There’s a handsaw hanging on the wall of my living room, a house key from a giant’s pocket. It’s been there a long time. “What’s your saw for?” people ask, and I…


39′ - story

Radu Paraschivescu

For Freddie, Brian, John, Roger, and Cătălina It’s complicated, complicated as hell. You fall head over heels for Elisabeta Ciupercă, your sexiest classmate in the eighth grade, a drum solo pounds in your chest cavity every…

Richard Nixon, My Mother

Richard Nixon, My Mother - story

Tahel Frosh

The heart, had it been able to think, would stop beating, I thought as I entered that dark club. People leaning against the walls, people being dragged down to the light only to resume their…

Dance of the Swans

Dance of the Swans - story

Alice Bialsky

We arranged to meet at the Bagration Underground station and walk to Gorbushka to see a Siberian punk band. Gromov explained how I would recognize him: “I wear glasses, the bridge is held together by…