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The Castle in the Woods

The Castle in the Woods - story

Isabella Connor

Nature is a haunted house — but Art — is a house that tries to be haunted. -Letter excerpt, Emily Dickinson, 1876.   Chilled Autumn air settled over me, the dryness of it tickling my…

Safe Zone

Safe Zone - story

Deakla Keydar

I wash my hands, scrubbing them. They still smell of shit. 1. Sophie went joyfully down the slide, straight into Danny’s waiting arms. When he offered to help her climb back up, she said, “By…

Late Bloomers – Fourth place

Late Bloomers – Fourth place - story

Amir Atsmon

As the flames died to embers, he knew something had to change. He looked around the little rented cabin and his eyes met Emily’s. They had talked about having to move again, about needing a…

Inseparable – Third place

Inseparable – Third place - story

Anaia Daigle

“Miri?” Hannah had intended to knock lightly on the bedroom door, but it hadn’t been closed properly so it opened slowly at her touch. Miriam never closed her door all the way. “Miriam?” She stood…

Criminal – Second place

Criminal – Second place - story

Ofir Oz

In the morning, when I first open my eyes, is when I really feel like a criminal for the first time. Like the crazy moms who bathe their babies, gently caressing the head, and then…

The Lake is a Long Way From Here – First place

The Lake is a Long Way From Here – First place - story

Joelle Schumacher

So it’s like the Greeks, right? And everyone has a personal afterlife tailored to them, except it’s not all dark and bleak. You do the task and you go through the thing and then there’s…