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Hylas - story

Eric Stenbock

I was intending to paint a picture of David as the Shepherd, but nowhere could I find a suit­able model for the face; there were several white and ruddy,’ but none which had on them the…

Fallen God – ‘My Flash Story’ contest- sixth place

Fallen God – ‘My Flash Story’ contest- sixth place - story

Madison Siwak

In another world, Icarus ignored the sun. He soared through the air and relished in the ecstasy of flight. His arms were wings and he was the most glorious of birds. The sun became nothing…

The New Paris

The New Paris - story

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Lately, on the night before Whit Sunday, I dreamed that I was standing before a mirror, occupying myself with my new summer suit, which my parents had had made against the approaching festival. The dress…