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Famous Blue Raincoat

Famous Blue Raincoat - story

Aixa de la Cruz

And you treated my woman to a flake of your life, And when she came back she was nobody’s wife. (Leonard Cohen, «Famous Blue Raincoat») Inside a lost trailer in the desert, a man holds…


Summer - story

Esty G. Haim

That summer was hotter than usual. The fan shook its head ‘no’ all day, and was of little use. Her mother was locked up in that place, her father was at his other home (which…

Beit Hakerem.  Jerusalem, 1985

Beit Hakerem. Jerusalem, 1985 - story

Nir Baram

The stuff remakers of dreams are made of Joel would always cherish the day he met Morris Sadovski. Sitting in a living room whose walls were covered to the brim with colorful oil paintings, Morris…

The Winter Garden

The Winter Garden - story

Dorthe Nors

It was the night Dirch Passer the comedian died. He col­lapsed onstage. His heart was sick and he was taken away by ambulance to the hospital, where they said he was dead on arrival. It…

Ksantini, The Last Child of the Century

Ksantini, The Last Child of the Century - story

Sami Berdugo

The stain could not be allowed to spread any further across the wall. My desk stood against that wall and my eyes, which looked at the stain, were too close to it. I couldn’t tell…

Dance of the Swans

Dance of the Swans - story

Alice Bialsky

We arranged to meet at the Bagration Underground station and walk to Gorbushka to see a Siberian punk band. Gromov explained how I would recognize him: “I wear glasses, the bridge is held together by…