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The Veiled Man

The Veiled Man - story

Jan Dost

I learned of the character of drugs and the nature of poisons from an alchemist – an Arab alchemist from the outskirts of Baghdad who had come to work as a physician in the palace…

The Sandman

The Sandman - story

E.T.A. Hoffmann

NATHANIEL TO LOTHAIRE. Certainly you must all be uneasy that I have not written for so long—so very long. My mother, I am sure, is angry, and Clara will believe that I am passing my…

The Lego Idol

The Lego Idol - story

Jon Bilbao

I should begin by apologizing for sending this letter out of the blue. At first, I thought I’d call on you at home so we could talk about all this face to face, but then…

Genetic Material

Genetic Material - story

Christos Tsiolkas

I say, ‘Hi, dad, how are you doing?’ His eyes snap in my direction, there is a sudden jerk of his body as he recoils from my voice, then he slumps back in his chair….

An Imperfect Day

An Imperfect Day - story

Giovanna Rivero

Seated on a tree trunk, Marcelino draws circles in the sand with his index finger because it would be difficult to draw with his thumb.  In fact, his index finger and thumb are the only…

An old story

An old story - story

Iftach Alony

I live in the dread of silence. But am I not the soundless of all? Grey, humped, rat-like monsters with reddened eyes shadow my life. I detect them. Recognize them. Catch their scent as they…