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Invisible – ‘My Flash Story’ contest- ninth place

Invisible – ‘My Flash Story’ contest- ninth place - story

Jeannean Walker

Running, through the vines and tree roots, encircling my legs, pulling me back to the Napalm Apocalypse. I hear the blades of the Huey just in the clearing ready to pick me up, I can’t…

The Onlookers

The Onlookers - story

Kathrin Röggla

Let’s see if the forests catch fire again. Let’s see if intense heat rushes toward us. Let’s see if smoke drives animals whose names we don’t know out of the bushes. Let’s see if that…


Lions - story


These days we flee, hiding in dark corners, shying away from daylight. But things weren’t always like this. There was a time when they were just pests. The lions first began to appear in public…