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Everyone’s Favourite Blonde

Everyone’s Favourite Blonde - story

Fernanda Melchor

“Evangelina Segunda, you have the beauty of Artemis: Venus herself fiercely envies the innocence of your smile” Sunday Magazine, Issue 54, El Dictamen (13 February, 1983) The centre of Veracruz is full of ghosts, my…

A Prison Out of the Movies

A Prison Out of the Movies - story

Fernanda Melchor

The transfer began at two in the morning, while a northerly wind blustered furiously outside. Some of the prisoners didn’t even have time to dress before the Federal agents burst into their cells. Shoving and…

A Pleasant Countenance

A Pleasant Countenance - story

Jan Dost

I don’t know how many hours I’d spent in solitary confinement. I was alone with four cold silent walls. I couldn’t hear anyone’s voice in that gloomy cell, and I don’t think anyone could hear…