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Tamagotchi - story

Adam Marek

My son’s Tamagotchi had AIDS. The virtual pet was rendered on the little LCD screen with no more than 30 pixels, but the sickness was obvious. It had that AIDS look, you know? It was…

Madame Rose Hanie

Madame Rose Hanie - story

Gibran Khalil Gibran

Part One Miserable is the man who loves a woman and takes her for a wife, pouring at her feet the sweat of his skin and the blood of his body and the life of…

Red Lights

Red Lights - story

Talal Abu Shawish

He reaches behind him, over the seat, so the passengers next to me in the back of the car can put their fares into his outstretched hand. He carelessly chucks the money down beside him,…

The Dog Lover’s Handbook

The Dog Lover’s Handbook - story

László Darvasi

He tore open the door, swearing, the dog pressed to his lap. He walked up and down and eventually calmed himself. He propped the dog in its place beside the desk. He poured out some…


Regina - story

Gilles Rozier

I haven’t had any news. It’s been almost eight years. At first, I had high hopes. I couldn’t imagine that she’d disappeared forever. She would come back. One day, I would hear her voice in…

The Lookout

The Lookout - story

Alejandra Zina

He brought him home unexpectedly one night. They’d happened to cross paths at the Carlos Pellegrini station; like in the movies, the two were coming from opposite directions and they bumped into each other. Fate….

Freezing Water

Freezing Water - story

Vera Giaconi

She’d spent the entire morning in the kitchen finishing the three cakes that had been ordered for that afternoon. Behind her, the TV replayed the images from the attack, the same ones over and over…

An Imperfect Day

An Imperfect Day - story

Giovanna Rivero

Seated on a tree trunk, Marcelino draws circles in the sand with his index finger because it would be difficult to draw with his thumb.  In fact, his index finger and thumb are the only…


Ishmael - story

Shimon Adaf

Lacking any alternative image, we turn to the moment of creation. The form bursting from the awkwardness of matter. No, not the awkwardness, the indifference towards being. This time, I am ready; this time, I’ve…