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The Tree of Knowledge

The Tree of Knowledge - story

Henry James

I It was one of the secret opinions, such as we all have, of Peter Brench that his main success in life would have consisted in his never having committed himself about the work, as it…

Was It a Dream?

Was It a Dream? - story

Guy de Maupassant

“I had loved her madly! Why does one love? Why does one love? How queer it is to see only one being in the world, to have only one thought in one’s mind, only one…

The Lady of the House of Love

The Lady of the House of Love - story

Angela Carter

At last the revenants became so troublesome the peasants abandoned the village and it fell solely into the possession of subtle and vindictive inhabitants who manifest their presences by shadows that fall almost imperceptibly awry,…

The Pit

The Pit - story

Santiago Roncagliolo

“You really ought to see it before you go,” said Wordsworth. “It’s not something to be missed. That is, of course, if you dare …” Wordsworth tended to get a little peevish in the early…


Kasos - story

Nicolás Mavrakis

This wasn’t a pair of women’s shoes with perfectly formed heels dug out from the back of a wardrobe. Or a box containing letters from the war written lovingly to an eleven-year-old boy. Discoveries like…

The Magician on the Footbridge

The Magician on the Footbridge - story

Wu Ming-Yi

“Business savvy just doesn’t run in the blood,” my mum often says – in which there lies a veiled criticism of me, and a hint of regret. But no such regret existed until after I…

Dead Dog at Midnight

Dead Dog at Midnight - story

Kostas Katsoularis

It was one of those nights when our Athens was stewing in its own juice, a mixture of exhaust fumes, burnt plastic, teargas, despair. We struggled to seal off all the cracks; the air slipped…

The Hidden Cause

The Hidden Cause - story

Machado de Assis

Garcia was standing, staring at his fingernails and cracking his knuckles from time to time; Fortunato, in a rocking chair, looked at the ceiling; Maria Luisa, near the window, was finishing off some needlework. For…