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In Praise of the Hurricane

In Praise of the Hurricane - story

Alejandro Morellón

I’ve always enjoyed everyday violence. I remember one incident in particular: broken glass in the dark. I’m not certain that it’s a real memory but when I relive the scene, I find it hard to…

Copy and Paste

Copy and Paste - story

Yoav Rosen

In those days I talked a lot about weapons. There was Alex, the lone soldier who lived with the old lady. It was unclear whether they were related. On Friday afternoons Alex was always out…


Television - story

Lydia Davis

1 We have all these favorite shows coming on every evening. They say it will be exciting and it always is. They give us hints of what is to come and then it comes and…

Freezing Water

Freezing Water - story

Vera Giaconi

She’d spent the entire morning in the kitchen finishing the three cakes that had been ordered for that afternoon. Behind her, the TV replayed the images from the attack, the same ones over and over…

My Parents and My Children

My Parents and My Children - story

Samanta Schweblin

“Where are your parents’ clothes?” Marga asks. She crosses her arms and waits for me to answer. She knows that I don’t know and that I need her to ask another question. On the other…