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Time and Again

Time and Again - story

Breece D’J Pancake

Mr. Weeks called me out again tonight, and I look back down the hall of my house. I left the kitchen light burning. This is an empty old house since the old lady died. When…

The Lightning Man

The Lightning Man - story

David Means

The first time, he was fishing with Danny. fishing was a sacrament, and therefore, after the strike, when his head was clear, there was the blurry aftertaste of ritual: the casting of the spoon in…

A Girl in the Café

A Girl in the Café - story

Ronit Matalon

To Tami Berger In the corner café that had recently changed owners stood a parrot’s cage. A green cage with a domed top, a swing fixed inside it, and a slot and small drawer at…

1/3 1/3 1/3

1/3 1/3 1/3 - story

Richard Brautigan

It was all to be done in thirds. I was to get 1/3 for doing the typing, and she was to get 1/3 for doing the editing, and he was to get 1/3 for writing…

Ronaldo’s Seat

Ronaldo’s Seat - story

Mahmoud Shukair

Kadhim Ali paid no attention to the difficulties he was exposed to on account of his enthusiasm for the Brazilian football player Ronaldo. Kadhim Ali loved football but the people of his neighbourhood did not;…

Rosso Malpello

Rosso Malpello - story

Giovanni Carmelo Verga

They called him Malpelo, which means ‘evil-haired,’ because he had red hair: and he had red hair because he was a bad, malicious boy, with every promise of growing up into a first-rate rascal. And so…