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Time and Again

Time and Again - story

Breece D’J Pancake

Mr. Weeks called me out again tonight, and I look back down the hall of my house. I left the kitchen light burning. This is an empty old house since the old lady died. When…

The Lightning Man

The Lightning Man - story

David Means

The first time, he was fishing with Danny. fishing was a sacrament, and therefore, after the strike, when his head was clear, there was the blurry aftertaste of ritual: the casting of the spoon in…

A Girl in the Café

A Girl in the Café - story

Ronit Matalon

To Tami Berger In the corner café that had recently changed owners stood a parrot’s cage. A green cage with a domed top, a swing fixed inside it, and a slot and small drawer at…

1/3 1/3 1/3

1/3 1/3 1/3 - story

Richard Brautigan

It was all to be done in thirds. I was to get 1/3 for doing the typing, and she was to get 1/3 for doing the editing, and he was to get 1/3 for writing…

Rosso Malpello

Rosso Malpello - story

Giovanni Carmelo Verga

They called him Malpelo, which means ‘evil-haired,’ because he had red hair: and he had red hair because he was a bad, malicious boy, with every promise of growing up into a first-rate rascal. And so…