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Early This Morning

Early This Morning - story

Pedro Mairal

We set out early. Dad has a new second-hand burgundy Peugeot 404. I climb into the back, up onto the parcel shelf next to the rear window, and stretch out. I’m comfortable there. I like…

No News, or What Killed the Dog?

No News, or What Killed the Dog? - story

Ray Bradbury

It was a day of holocausts, cataclysms, tornadoes, earthquakes, blackouts, mass murders, eruptions, and miscellaneous dooms, at the peak of which the sun swallowed the earth and the stars vanished. But to put it simply,…

How to Talk to Your Mother (notes)

How to Talk to Your Mother (notes) - story

Lorrie Moore

1982. Without her, for years now, murmur at the defrosting refrigerator, “What?” “Huh?” “Shush now,” as it creaks, aches, groans until the final ice block drops from the ceiling of the freezer like something vanquished. Dream,…