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End Times

End Times - story

Maxim Loskutoff

Elli wouldn’t let me stop until we’d crossed the line into Utah. She was a nail in the passenger seat—rigid, sharp, her blue eyes darting back and forth between the speedometer and the double yellow…

59 Places to Fuck in Arizona

59 Places to Fuck in Arizona - story

Rodge Glass

There’s been more time to study her since the tribunal, but you can’t do it twenty-four-seven. Some people in this world still have jobs, and Jennifer’s boss would hit high C if she found out…

The Real Cambodia

The Real Cambodia - story

Laura Jean McKay

I always wanted a girl. There were places, shops almost, where you could get a girl at any time of the day and they even remembered your name. But I wanted a girl that I…


Hunger - story

Raija Siekkinen

What is it that drives and compels people? I thought as I moved with the crowd of people toward the passport check. What gypsy blood moves me? I thought when I saw my bag x-rayed,…


Dune - story

Dorit Peleg

Paul Nimoro was Japanese. He was many things; but above all, he was Japanese and he valued the qualities he knew he had inherited‒ precision, self-discipline and along with them, perhaps less visible but still…

A Story of a Sad Vacation

A Story of a Sad Vacation - story

Tamar Levit

She picked her nose with pleasant tranquility and gazed out the car window, watching the Sharon plains pass by. The radio stations toppled over each other as he searched for a decent one they could…

Summer in Samarkand

Summer in Samarkand - story

Elif Batuman

When I try to remember how I ended up spending an entire summer in Samarkand, I am reminded of an anecdote about the folk hero Nasreddin Hoca. Walking along a deserted road one night, the…


Cohiba - story

Lucía Puenzo

His hand brushes against mine in the darkness. His skin is hot and rough. Short hair, curls combed flat with some amateur pomade that shines even in the penumbra of the movie theatre. His smell…

Blowing Up Trains

Blowing Up Trains - story

T.E. Lawrence

{ Excerpts from Seven Pillars of Wisdom } By November, 1917, Allenby was ready to open a general attack against the Turks along his whole front. The Arabs should have done the same in their…