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Announcing the
My Best Story
short story
contest winners!

The winning stories were chosen by the judges Ramona Ausubel, Benjamin Rosenbaum and Nathaniel Rich.

The Lake Is a Long Way From Here by Joelle Schumacher

1st place ($5000)


Criminal by Ofir Oz

2nd place ($1900)


Inseparable by Anaia Daigle

3rd place ($950)


Late Bloomers by Amir Atsmon

4th place ($620)


Tumbling Towards Absurdity by Linor Kats

5th place ($320)


43 Pearls by Melissa Eskue Ousley

6th place ($125)


Safe zone. by Deakla Keydar

7th place ($125)


My Own Private Brexit by Karen Sztajnberg

8th place ($125)


The Castle in the Woods by Isabella Connor

9th place ($125)


Kiora by Fran-Claire Kenney

10th place


The Jinx by Christopher James Finley

11th place


How to Pass by Louise Crimmins Piantedosi

12th place


Apocalypse Now by Justine Hofherr

13th place


Andrew The Last by Arthur M. Doweyko

14th place


Pas de deux by Melissa Elena Reiner

15th place


“He called it a what?” by Geoffrey K. Graves

16th place


Not So Grand by Shelby Kinney-Lang

17th place


Coffee Shop Romance by Dana Windsor

18th place


Life Revised by Rebecca Gaunt

19th place


Maggie by Jake DeBolt

20th place