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Marcel Aymé

Marcel Aymé

Marcel Aymé was born in 1902 in Burgundy, France. Orphaned at a young age, he was raised by his grandfather in a countryside village. In 1923, after completing his military service, he settled in Paris and worked as a bank teller, an insurance salesman, a journalist, and a newspaper editor. His first novel was published in 1925, and in 1928 he won the Prix Renaudot for his novel, The Hollow Field. Among his most renowned books are La Rue sans nom (The Street with no Name), The Green Mare (which was also adapted into a successful film), The Barkeep of Blémont, Uranus, and En arrière (Backward). He was also a devoted children’s fiction writer and dramatist. Aymé died in 1967. The first edition of his collected writings was published in France in the prestigious series “La Pléiade.”


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