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Yasin Suleiman

Yasin Suleiman

Novelist and short story writer with an interest in human rights and heritage.
Former member of the Association of Sudanese Writers.

Love from a Third Party (novel), 1st edn., Dar Merit, Cairo, 2011; 2nd edn., Dar al-Gharib, Cairo, 2011; 3rd edn., Dar Awraq, Cairo, 2015.
Mongolian (novel), Dar Merit, Cairo, 2012.
Downtown Girls (short story collection), Dar Awraq, Cairo, 2014.
Mahmoud Abdelaziz Premediated Murder (non-fiction) Dar Awraq, Cairo, 2014
Nun al-Nizwa [I for Impulse] (novel), Dar Awraq, Cairo, 2015.
The Jewess’s Son (novel), Dar Rafiqi, 2018.
Forthcoming: the novels Matasalla, 1 AH, and Sardines; and a short story collection in Norwegian.
Suleiman has been living in Oslo, Norway since May 13, 2016.

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