Želimir Periš

Želimir Periš

  • Croatia

Želimir Periš is a Croatian author. He writes stories, poems, comics, plays, sketches, and blogs. He was born in 1975 in Zadar and is a member of ZaPis, an association of Zadar-based writers, where he organizes literary events, runs creative writing workshops called “Otpis,” and is also a co-founder of Kalibar Festival of Literature. His stories, plays, and poems were published in several literary magazines and anthologies. For his short stories and poetry, he won several awards. His stories were translated into Italian, Ukrainian, and English. His book of short stories, Mučenice (Martyrs, 2013), was published in Slovenia, an adapted into a theater play. In 2015, his novel, Mima i kvadratura duga (Mima and Squaring the Debt) was nominated for the literary prize of T-portal best novel of the year.

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