So... what about your rights, you ask?
That's a d*mn important question!

This is serious stuff, so we’ll just come out and say it: it is our true cause to promote reading around the world, by enabling and promoting writers and their works.


At the Short Story Project, we’ve been working diligently for the last 3 years, to amass a huge community of short story lovers. We’ve been curating short stories for years, from classics to chick lit, from suspenseful stories to gushingly romantic stories.


We believe the world needs short stories, and we’re here to make that happen.

Q. Am I giving away my rights to The Short Story Project?

A. The rights to your works are rightfully yours and will always be yours.

Q. Do I own the audio stories your record for me or the translated stories you provide?

A. You full permission to use these products as you choose, wherever you choose, and anytime you choose.

When you reach a certain amount of readers, as is explained here, we will record an audio story and/or translate your story in multiple languages. 

Q. Can I still publish my stories elsewhere if I publish them with The Short Story Project?

A. Yes! Since you retain the rights to your stories, you can do with them as you please.